Responding to Community Needs

Helping Those Who Need It Most

Nothing is more important than making immediate investments in supportive services and infrastructure repair when disasters strike, or unexpected events occur. When communities are unexpectedly devastated, people can find themselves without water, power, food, clothing or financial means. As an infrastructure company, we understand how critical it is to step forward and offer aid, taking care of people when they need it most.


Our Investments in Disaster Relief

people receiving food and supplies during the winter freeze in Texas in 2021

Since being founded in 2007, Sempra Foundation has come to the aid of communities reeling from the aftermath of disasters. In total, we have donated more than $3 million to help people and communities impacted by hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, wildfires, extreme weather, and other natural disasters.

Early in 2021, we provided $1 million to communities across Texas which were devastated by unprecedented winter storms that damaged infrastructure, cut off energy and water supplies, and left people freezing, without access to food and water.

In 2020 we supported communities impacted by wildfires in California and hurricanes in Texas and Louisiana. Sempra Foundation and the Sempra family of companies responded quickly to these disasters, donating more than $1 million to help communities and employees recover and rebuild across Louisiana, Texas and California.


Our Investments in Economic Relief

a woman washing her hands during the COVID-19 pandemic

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Sempra Foundation provided $1.75 million in aid to small and mid-sized nonprofits through its Nonprofit Hardship Fund and another $500,000 to the Oncor Cares Foundation for additional COVID-19 relief in Texas. In sum, the Sempra family of companies gave $14.1 million in COVID-19 related assistance to communities across California, Texas, Louisiana, Mexico and beyond.