Impact: Projects Underway

Bringing Renewable Energy to Northern Baja California

two people install solar panels on a roof in Mexico

In Mexico, more than 10 million residents live without access to reliable electricity. Close to one million people have no access at all. Many rural locations are not connected to the electric grid, and in urban areas, electricity costs can be high, power lines are sometimes overloaded with illegal connections and power outages can occur.

Some communities that don’t have access to the grid rely on generators, kerosene lamps and batteries. For others, the high cost of electricity hinders their ability to fund other basic needs like food and medicine. Many people also rely on appliances that are old and inefficient, making them expensive to use.

We’re supporting organizations and neighborhoods in Ensenada, Tijuana, Tecate and Mexicali:

  • Two orphanages
  • One health center
  • One migrant center
  • One hospice facility serving individuals experiencing homelessness and living with HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis, and
  • 40 families in two residential communities

Sempra Foundation is partnering with GRID Alternatives, the nation’s largest nonprofit solar panel installer, to bring clean, affordable solar power to these organizations and families. Once completed, these projects will result in clean, reliable energy, financial savings that community members can use to increase food budgets, reunite families, access specialized healthcare and supportive services and upgrade appliances and equipment. In addition, there are plans to train 60 students studying renewable energy — at least half of whom are women — on solar panel installation, as pandemic safety protocols allow.


Delivering Clean Cooking Technology to Rural Communities Across Mexico

A woman sits next to her wood-burning stove in Mexico

In Mexico, the use of open-fire stoves is common among marginalized populations and as a result, on average, 4% of households cook using firewood. Women and children bear the brunt of the impacts, spending up to 10 hours a week gathering fuel for cooking — time that could be better spent studying or taking care of other important family needs. On top of it, women and girls breathe harmful smoke while cooking which can lead to health impacts like cataracts, cancer, lung and heart disease.

Sempra Foundation is partnering with Fundación Mozcalti in Mexico to support the distribution of portable, clean cookstoves to 2,397 households across 28 communities in five states: six communities in Baja California Norte, three in Chihuahua, nine in Neuvo Leon, five in Morelos and five in Puebla. More than 20,000 people will benefit from the project, which is slated for completion in November 2021, and many people will be able to use their cookstoves to earn money for their families. The emissions avoided will be significant and community health should improve.


Bringing Renewable Energy to Tribal Communities

A disproportionate number of Native American households live in energy poverty. More than 14% of families have no access to reliable energy — that’s more than ten times the national average.

Sempra Foundation is partnering with GRID Alternatives to bring clean, affordable solar power to five residential projects benefiting four tribes in California: three in San Diego County and one in Bishop. When the projects have been completed, more than 200 tribal community members will gain access to clean, affordable energy, which will provide economic, social and environmental benefits to their communities.